BCPix.com launches new slideshow website

BC Pix Photo of the Day - Images by Brian Cleary

BCPix.com, the home of the online photo archive of Florida-based freelance photographer Brian Cleary, has launched a new slideshow website aimed at casual online photo browsers.

The site, which can be found at: BCPix.com Slideshow Homepage, takes advantage of the excellent embedded slideshow creation tool found on Photoshelter, which houses Brian Cleary’s ever-growing online photo archive.

The idea behind the site is based on the thought that there are many internet browsers out there who don’t want to invest the time and effort it takes to search and scroll through an online photo library and who might prefer to take more of a “couch potato” approach that would involve clicking on a link then sitting back and enjoying a self activated slideshow on their computer screen.

Thanks to the incredible Photoshelter interface, the slideshow watcher can hover his or her mouse over an image for caption info and click on any image to go to that particular photo in the archive to check print and download availability and pricing.

“I’m essentially putting my entire career online in a slideshow format”, says bcpix.com owner Brian Cleary, “I like the idea that this site will expose more internet users to my photography, not to mention the fact that this will ultimately provide more traffic to my online archive.”


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www.bcpix.com is the online home for the photographic archive of Florida-based photographer Brian Cleary. At this portal not only can you search and browse an ever-growing collection of photography covering more than 30 years, but many of the images are available for online purchase as editorial images, commercial images and/or personal use prints.