Some Sebring 360's from

Sebring tower and grid 360, March 2016 #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Pre-Race Grid, March 2016

Once again, the 12 Hours of Sebring has inspired my to return to my keyboard and peck out another photo blog entry. I don't know why Sebring tends to bring out the blogger in me but I do have couple of theories. First, it is such a unique and grueling event it my require a certain amount of reflection to digest what you've just been through.

Shooting the 2016 Sebring full field group shot #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Early week, pre-race full field photo shoot (click on image for interactive 360 view)

More so than the 24 Hours of Daytona, but maybe not quite as much as Le Mans, the 12 Hour race at Sebring demands that a photographer servicing clients or providing editorial coverage of the event will be conscious and active for about 24 hours non-stop. Even the most ambitious photographer at the 24 Hours of Daytona can grab an hour or two of sleep and still get everything down. Le Mans, with its short period of total darkness really does not provide such an opportunity.

Setting up the 2016 Sebring group shot #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Setting up the full field shot (click on image for interactive 360 view)

Also, for many photographers, the week or two after Sebring provides the first downtime for a full-time motorsports photographer since New Years, so it may be a good time to sit at a computer and reflect on the beginning of the year before embarking on the mid-year grind that runs pretty much through August and beyond.

In any event, this year's event provided a platform to work with my newest gadget, a 360 degree Ricoh Theta S camera.

In my 35 year career I've found that, at least for me, occasionally I need something to come along to pique my interest and keep the juices flowing. It might be a new camera, new film (back in the day) , the advent of digital photography, a new lens, a new technique or a new bit of software. Lately, the last 3 years or so, I dabbled in 360 degree panoramic photography. Until recently for me, this meant an expensive pan-head for a sturdy tripod, and taking 36 separate exposures then assembling the 360 scene on the computer.

Recently I discovered the Ricoh Theta S 360 degree camera, which has opened up a new whole new world of 360 degree subjects for me. So my 2016 Sebring blog entry features a few 360 degree scenes from this great race in Florida.

I find these images to be very revealing in that you can scroll through the entire scene, zooming in or out to check details within the scene or create artsy alternative views that you are otherwise unable to access.

IMSA autograph session, Sebring Raceway, March 2016 #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

IMSA WeatherTech series autograph session (click on image for interactive 360 view)

While these types of photos can be overdone and get old quickly when thrust upon disinterested viewers, they can be very addictive viewing material to someone who's in the proper mood.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy them and, as always, any feedback is welcome.

Famous #SebringCows in the paddock at Sebring 2016 #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Sebring Cows in the paddock, Sebring Raceway 2016


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2016 12 Hours of Sebring Race Results
Pos Class Driver Team Car Gap
1 P S.Sharp, E.Brown, J.van Overbeek, L.Derani Tequila Patron ESM Ligier/HPD 12h00m59.881s
2 P D.Cameron, E.Curran, S.Pruett Action Express Racing Corvette/Chevrolet 2.926s
3 P C.Fittipaldi, J.Barbosa, F.Albuquerque, S.Pruett Action Express Racing Corvette/Chevrolet 3.940s
4 P H.Hedman, N.Lapierre, N.Minassian DragonSpeed ORECA/Nissan 4.339s
5 P R.Dalziel, M.Goossens, R.H.-Reay Visit Florida Racing Corvette/Chevrolet 18.078s
6 P J.Bomarito, T.Nunez, S.Pigot Mazda Motorsports Lola/Mazda 29.735s
7 P J.Pew, O.Negri, O.Pla Michael Shank Racing with Curb-Agajanian Ligier/HPD Not running
8 P J.Miller, T.Long, B.Devlin, K.Ihara Mazda Motorsports Lola/Mazda 1 Lap
9 PC J.Bennett, C.Braun, M.Wilkins CORE Autosport ORECA/Chevrolet 2 Laps
10 PC T.K.-Smith, J.Gutierrez, R.Alon PR1/Mathiasen Motorsports ORECA/Chevrolet 2 Laps
11 GTLM O.Gavin, T.Milner, M.Fassler Corvette Racing Chevrolet 3 Laps
12 GTLM B.Auberlen, D.Werner, B.Spengler BMW Team RLL BMW 3 Laps
13 GTLM E.Bamber, F.Makowiecki, M.Christensen Porsche North America Porsche 3 Laps
14 GTLM G.Fisichella, T.Vilander, D.Rigon Risi Competizione Ferrari 3 Laps
15 GTLM R.Briscoe, R.Westbrook, S.Dixon Ford Chip Ganassi Racing Ford 3 Laps
16 GTLM L.Luhr, J.M.Edwards, K.Wittmer BMW Team RLL BMW 3 Laps
17 PC A.Popow, R.van der Zande, D.Hansson Starworks Motorsport ORECA/Chevrolet 5 Laps
18 GTLM A.P.Guidi, D.Serra, A.Bertolini Scuderia Corsa Ferrari 5 Laps
19 PC C.Miller, M.Goikhberg, S.Simpson, K.Koch JDC-Miller Motorsports ORECA/Chevrolet 6 Laps
20 PC J.French, K.Marcelli, J.Norman Performance Tech Motorsports ORECA/Chevrolet 7 Laps
21 P K.Legge, S.Rayhall, A.Meyrick Panoz DeltaWing Racing DeltaWing/Elan Not running
22 GTD C.Nielsen, A.Balzan, J.Segal Scuderia Corsa Ferrari 9 Laps
23 GTD B.Curtis, J.Klingmann, A.Freiberg Turner Motorsport BMW 9 Laps
24 GTD J.Potter, A.Lally, M.Seefried Magnus Racing Audi 9 Laps
25 GTD M.Farnbacher, A.Riberas, I.James Team Seattle/Alex Job Racing Porsche 9 Laps
26 GTLM J.Hand, D.Muller, S.Bourdais Ford Chip Ganassi Racing Ford 9 Laps
27 GTD C.MacNeil, L.Keen, G.Jeannette Alex Job Racing Porsche 9 Laps
28 GTD B.Miller, B.Sellers, M.Snow Paul Miller Racing Audi 9 Laps
29 GTD M.Marsal, M.Palttala, J.Krohn Turner Motorsport BMW 9 Laps
30 GTD R.Liddell, A.Davis, C.De Phillippi Stevenson Motorsports Audi 9 Laps
31 GTD M.Cressoni, R.Giammaria, P.Mann Spirit of Race Ferrari 9 Laps
32 GTD P.D.Lana, P.Lamy, M.Lauda, R.Stanaway Aston Martin Racing Aston Martin 9 Laps
33 PC J.Mowlem, R.Lewis, M.Drumwright, D.Yount BAR1 Motorsports ORECA/Chevrolet 10 Laps
34 GTD S.Pumpelly, C.Lewis, A.Carter Change Racing Lamborghini 11 Laps
35 GTD B.Keating, J.Bleekemolen, M.Miller Riley Motorsports Dodge 11 Laps
36 GTD T.Pappas, N.Catsburg, P.Long, A.Pilgrim Black Swan Racing Porsche 12 Laps
37 GTD T.Borcheller, F.Konrad, C.Bruck, J.Webster Konrad Motorsport Lamborghini 12 Laps
38 GTD T.Krohn, N.Jonsson, P.Kaffer Flying Lizard Motorsports Lamborghini 18 Laps
39 P J.Pace, B.Defoor, D.Hinton, D.Schroeder Highway to Help Riley/BMW Not running
40 PC S.Johnston, M.Engel, M.Lyons Starworks Motorsport ORECA/Chevrolet Not running
41 GTLM A.Garcia, J.Magnussen, M.Rockenfeller Corvette Racing Chevrolet 36 Laps
42 P Quesada, D.Morad, C.Lawrence, D.Farnbacher Alegra Motorsports Riley/BMW 43 Laps
43 P R.Taylor, J.Taylor, M.Angelelli, R.Barrichello Wayne Taylor Racing Corvette/Chevrolet Not running
44 GTD L.Aschenbach, M.Bell, D.von Moltke Stevenson Motorsports Audi Not running
45 GTD P.Lindsey, J.Bergmeister, M.McMurry, J.Heylen Park Place Motorsports Porsche Not running
46 GTLM P.Pilet, N.Tandy, K.Estre Porsche North America Porsche Not running
47 GTD T.Bell, B.Sweedler, R.Antinucci Change Racing Lamborghini Not running
48 GTD P.Ruberti, C.Sbirrazzuoli, F.Babini, L.Persiani Dream Racing Lamborghini Not running
49 GTD P.Ehret, C.Zochling, J.Krebs Konrad Motorsport Lamborghini Not started

12 Hours of Sebring, one more time

March in Florida means only one thing to die-hard sports car racers: 12 Hours of Sebring! For photographers the annual half-day run under he Florida sun means chance to burn digital memory shooting in the beautiful light that only the cow pastures of mid-Florida in springtime can produce. Here's look back at a few favorites from last months shoot.

Sunset at the Hairpin, Thursday night practice

Glowing Rotors

Happy Max

Race Morning

Joao Barbosa, Eyes of a Winner

Sunset ‘Vette

Bikini Contest

Driver Change

Pit Stop Practice


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Sebring Gallery on

2015 Sebring 12 Hours - Images by Brian Cleary


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Full race results for the 2015 Sebring 12 Hours, round two of the 2015 United SportsCar Championship at the Sebring International Speedway

1. Barbosa/Fittipaldi/Bourdais USA Action Express Chevrolet DP 340 laps P
2. Taylor/Taylor/Angelelli USA Wayne Taylor Corvette DP 339 laps P
3. Westbrook/Valiante/Rockenfeller USA VisitFlorida Racing Riley Ford DP 339 laps P
4. Dixon/Hand/Pruett USA Chip Ganassi Riley Ford DP 339 laps P
5. Curran/Cameron/Papis USA Action Express Racing DP 338 laps P
6. Guasch/Kimber-S/Palmer USA PR1 Mathiasen Oreca 334 laps PC
7. Bennett/Braun/Wilkins/Gue USA CORE Autosport Oreca 334 laps PC
8. Krohn/Pla/Jonsson USA Krohn Ligier Judd 334 laps P
9. French/Mee/Daly USA Performance Tech Oreca 333 laps PC
10. Magnussen/Garcia/Briscoe USA Corvette Racing C7.R 330 laps GTLM
11. Kaffer/Fisichella/Bertolini ITA Risi Ferrari 458 Italia 330 laps GTLM
12. Henzler/Sellers/Long GER Falken Tire Porsche 991 RSR 329 laps GTLM
13. Edwards/Luhr/Klingmann GER BMW Team RLL 329 laps GTLM
14. Tandy/Pilet/Lietz GER Porsche NA 911 RSR 328 laps GTLM
15. James/Farnbacher/Riberas USA Alex Job Porsche 911 GT 318 laps GTD
16. Neilsen/Davison/Davis GBR TRG Aston Martin V12 Vantage 318 laps GTD
17. Turner/Lamy/Lauda/Dalla Lana GBR Aston Martin Racing Vantage V8 318 laps GTLM
18. Sweedler/Bell/Lazzarol ITA Scuderia Corsa Ferrari 458 Italia 318 laps GTD
19. Carter/Keating/Goossens/Lawrence USA Riley Dodge Viper SRT 317 laps GTD
20. Haase/Miller/v Moltke USA Paul Miller Audi R8 317 laps GTD
21. Bergmeister/Bamber/Makowiecki GER Porsche NA 911 RSR 317laps GTLM
22. Auberlen/Werner/Farfus/Spengler GER BMW Team RLL 317 laps GTLM
23. Snow/Heylen/Valverde USA Wright Porsche 911 GT 316 laps GTD
24. MacNeil/Keen/Davis USA Alex Job Porsche 911 GT 316 laps GTD
25. Priaulx/Paltalla/Marsal/Said USA Turner BMW Z4 315 laps GTD
26. Keating/Bleekemolen/Bleekemolen USA Riley Dodge Viper SRT 314 laps GTD
27. Pace/DeFoor/Hinton/Schroeder USA Highway to Help Riley BMW DP 309 laps P
28. Perazzini/Cioci/Aguas/Potolicchio ITA AF Corse Ferrari 458 Italia 308 laps GTD
29. Miller/Golkhberg/Kraut/Mitchell USA JDC Miller Oreca 290 laps PC
30. Schultis/vd Zande/Hedlund USA Starworks Oreca 280 laps PC
31. Cumming/Junqueira/Menezes USA RSR Oreca 267 laps PC
32. Gavin/Milner/Pagenaud USA Corvette Racing C7.R 264 laps GTLM
33. Brown/Van Overbeek/Fogarty USA ESM HPD ARX-04b 211 laps P
34. Drunmwright/Drissi/Cheng/Plowman USA BAR1 Motorsport Oreca 194 laps PC
35. Potter/Lally/Seefried USA Magnus Porsche 911 GT 179 laps GTD
36. Sharp/Dalziel/Heinemeier-Hansson USA ESM HPD ARX-04b 162 laps P
37. Lindsey/Pumpelly/Norman USA Park Place Porsche 911 GT 155 laps GTD
38. Bomarito/Nunez/Tremblay/Hinchcliffe USA SpeedSource Mazda 111 laps P
39. Miller/Long/Devlin/Tremblay USA SpeedSource Mazda 104 laps P
40. Faulkner/Giermaziak/Skeen/Butcher USA GB Autosport Porsche 911 GT 97 laps GTD
41. Rojas/Meyrick/Legge USA DeltaWing Racing 60 laps P
42. Pew/Negri/Wilson USA Michael Shank Ligier Honda 46 laps P
43. Holzer/Thome/Thompson USA Flying Lizard Audi R8 23 laps GTD
44. Hartley/Mayer USA Starworks Riley DP 0 laps P
45. De Phillippi/Trebing USA Muehlner Porsche 911 GT 0 laps GTD

Two Wisconsin Weekends Two Wisconsin Weekends

12 days on the road in Wisconsin to cover back-to-back racing weekends, first the IMSA Tudor Series Sports cars at Road America and then the Verizon Indy Car Series at the Milwaukee Mile yielded a ton of photo opps for any ambitious motorsports photography willing to spend a couple of weekends in cheese country.

Here are a few of my favorites from my Wisconsin take

A Porsche takes to the dirt at Canada Corner

Under the Indy Banner

Yucatan Eyes the IMSA Competition

Scott Dixon looking for 2 in a row

Quick Pit Work at Road America

Josef Newgarden makes an Indy Pit Stop

Teammates Battle for Milwaukee Win

Road America winners atop their car

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Click here for more Milwaukee Indy Car photos from


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Taking the Winding Road to a Kiss of the Bricks

Since 1911 many, many drivers have kissed the bricks after winning at Indainapolis Motor Speedway. Actually, although racing began at the Brickyard over a century ago, the first victory kiss of the bricks did not happen until Dale Jarrett's spontaneous celebration after winning the NASCAR race there in 1996. The kiss caught on quickly, though, and now everyone who wins at Indy heads for the famous yard of bricks at the start/finish line to lay down a kiss.

Last Friday the duo of Joao Barbosa and Christian Fittipaldi became only the third prototype sports car drivers to Kiss the Bricks, after winning the IMSA Brickyard Grand Prix.

Their dominant run over the Indy road course and jubilant post-race celebration yielded many cool photos and here are a few of my favorites.

Welcome to Pit Road

Happy Winners


Hoist the Trophies

Ready for The Kiss


Click Here for more images from the 2014 Brickyard Grand-Prix from

2014 Brickyard Grand Prix, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, July 2014 - Images by Brian Cleary
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Results of the 2014 Brickyard Grand Prix
1 1 P 5 Barbosa/(Fittipaldi*) 108 -.--- 2:46:02.720 1:19.581 22 Corvette DP Running
2 2 P 01 Pruett*/Rojas/(Karam) 108 48.964 2:46:51.684 1:19.550 53 Ford EcoBoost/Riley Running
3 3 P 90 Westbrook*/(Valiante) 108 52.160 2:46:54.880 1:19.570 99 Corvette DP Running
4 4 P 10 R.Taylor/(J.Taylor*) 108 58.309 2:47:01.029 1:19.878 23 Corvette DP Running
5 5 P 1 (Sharp)/Dalziel* 108 59.595 2:47:02.315 1:18.573 ‡ 63 HPD ARX-03b Running
6 6 P 60 (Pew)/Negri Jr.* 107 1 Laps 2:46:03.692 1:20.259 81 Ford EcoBoost/Riley Running
7 7 P 2 (Brown)/van Overbeek* 107 1 Laps 2:46:15.455 1:19.365 41 HPD ARX-03b Running
8 8 P 42 (Yacaman*)/Tung 107 1 Laps 2:46:24.833 1:19.704 41 Nissan Morgan Running
9 1 PC 08 (Cumming)/Hawksworth* 107 1 Laps 2:47:04.798 1:21.087 ‡ 79 ORECA FLM09 Running
10 2 PC 09 (Ende)/Junqueira* 107 1 Laps 2:47:06.220 1:21.100 74 ORECA FLM09 Running
11 3 PC 54 (Bennett)/Braun* 107 1 Laps 2:47:11.410 1:21.441 75 ORECA FLM09 Running
12 4 PC 38 Ostella*/(French) 107 1 Laps 2:47:17.801 1:21.184 65 ORECA FLM09 Running
13 9 P 07 Joel.Miller/(Nunez*) 106 2 Laps 2:46:50.656 1:21.846 45 Mazda Prototype Running
14 1 GTLM 93 Bomarito*/(Wittmer) 105 3 Laps 2:46:14.196 1:23.292 49 Dodge Viper SRT Running
15 10 P 70 (Tremblay*)/T.Long 105 3 Laps 2:46:15.238 1:22.596 70 Mazda Prototype Running
16 2 GTLM 62 (Fisichella*)/Kaffer 105 3 Laps 2:46:24.985 1:23.248 ‡ 63 Ferrari F458 Italia Running
17 3 GTLM 912 P.Long/(Christensen*) 105 3 Laps 2:46:25.333 1:23.987 91 Porsche 911 RSR Running
18 4 GTLM 3 (Magnussen)/Garcia* 105 3 Laps 2:46:32.662 1:23.760 70 Chevrolet Corvette C7.R Running
19 5 GTLM 4 Gavin/(Milner*) 105 3 Laps 2:46:35.044 1:23.337 70 Chevrolet Corvette C7.R Running
20 6 GTLM 55 Auberlen*/(Priaulx) 105 3 Laps 2:46:47.471 1:23.790 10 BMW Z4 GTE Running
21 7 GTLM 56 Müller/(J.Edwards*) 105 3 Laps 2:46:50.404 1:23.744 10 BMW Z4 GTE Running
22 5 PC 52 (Montecalvo)/Jeannette* 105 3 Laps 2:47:21.647 1:21.608 45 ORECA FLM09 Running
23 6 PC 25 (Diaz*)/Rayhall 104 4 Laps 2:47:05.565 1:21.101 52 ORECA FLM09 Running
24 8 GTLM 91 (D.Farnbacher)/Goossens* 103 5 Laps 2:46:07.679 1:23.636 61 Dodge Viper SRT Running
25 1 GTD 63 Balzan*/(Westphal) 102 6 Laps 2:47:26.564 1:27.050 65 Ferrari 458 Italia Running
26 2 GTD 48 Haase*/(B.Miller) 101 7 Laps 2:46:03.897 1:26.846 ‡ 71 Audi R8 LMS Running
27 3 GTD 33 J.Bleekemolen*/(Keating) 101 7 Laps 2:46:10.669 1:27.018 86 Dodge Viper SRT Running
28 9 GTLM 17 Henzler/(Sellers*) 101 7 Laps 2:46:10.898 1:23.659 71 Porsche 911 RSR Running
29 4 GTD 555 (Sweedler)/To.Bell* 101 7 Laps 2:46:12.131 1:27.096 74 Ferrari 458 Italia Running
30 5 GTD 22 (MacNeil)/Keen* 101 7 Laps 2:46:24.414 1:27.280 38 Porsche 911 GT America Running
31 6 GTD 23 (James)/M.Farnbacher* 101 7 Laps 2:46:24.850 1:26.907 64 Porsche 911 GT America Running
32 7 GTD 007 (Carter)/Davison* 101 7 Laps 2:46:31.061 1:26.891 82 Aston Martin V12 Vantage Running
33 8 GTD 45 (Canache Jr.)/Pumpelly* 101 7 Laps 2:46:41.515 1:27.062 39 Audi R8 LMS Running
34 9 GTD 27 (Dempsey)/A.Davis* 101 7 Laps 2:46:48.450 1:27.414 45 Porsche 911 GT America Running
35 10 GTD 73 (Lindsey)/Skeen* 101 7 Laps 2:46:51.897 1:27.656 56 Porsche 911 GT America Running
36 11 GTD 58 (Snow)/Heylen* 101 7 Laps 2:46:52.734 1:27.203 70 Porsche 911 GT America Running
37 12 GTD 44 (Potter)/Lally* 101 7 Laps 2:47:06.449 1:27.664 41 Porsche 911 GT America Running
38 13 GTD 35 Neiman/von Moltke*/(Pumpelly) 98 10 Laps 2:46:54.338 1:27.105 95 Audi R8 LMS Running

Zoom in on Peoria: A rough Demo of the Canon EOS 70D digital Zoom

I recently purchased a new Canon EOS 70D, and, not being a huge reader of instructions and manuals, owned it for more a couple of months before I even realized that the camera possessed a Digital Zoom function that can be used during video operation.

Being a recent contributor to several stock video sites, I set about exploring this function to see how valuable it might be in producing some stock clips.

Below is a rough video I put together to demonstrate the resolution and magnification a user might expect when using the digital zoom

Canon EOS 70D was equipped with a Canon EF 70-200 f2.8L zoom lens and mounted on a raining across the Illinois River from downtown Peoria, Illinois.

The green signs in the video can be seen just to the right of the church spires in the upper right of the still image at the top of this article. SO, as you can see, the digital zoom does give you quite a large magnification!

Unlike digital zooms on other cameras I have tried out, the
Canon70D will output the video at full 1080 resolution. Of course, being a digital zoom, the image has been "ressed-up" to create this resolution. Still I like the results and feel that they could be useful in a stock video application where the video was intended for low-res web use.

This zoom could be a useful tool when the photographer finds himself severely under-lensed when presented with an otherwise great video clip opportunity, or when he or she is forced to travel with limited gear, when there is not enough room to pack a long lens.

Anyone, for those of you who were wondering about the actual, real world results obtainable from the
Canon EOS 70D digital zoom, I offer the above video with apologies for the shakiness. Will post more, better clips soon!


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