Blending Still photos and Videography

I recently sat in my hotel room at The Wynn in Las Vegas and looked down upon the bustling strip of the city. The street lights cycled from greeen to yellow to red, repeating the sequence over and over and over again. Cars stopped and started and pedestrians zigged and zagged over the crosswalks and scurried across the pedestrian bridges.

I pressed the shutter on my cable release and opened an all new phase of my photo career: Time Lapse Photography.

I’d recently read an article on the technique and, having acquired a new interest in videography, decided that it was time to blend my still photo career and my video interest, and ordered an intervalometer for my digital SLR. Now, after a few unsuccessful attempts and false starts, a business trip took my to Vegas. Look down on the city intersection below my window I decided to try again. This time everything came together and , after more than 200 shutter clicks over a span of about 20 minutes, I was able to piece together the video you see above.

I know I’m not the first to produce a time lapse video sequence and my efforts are far from extraordinary, but once again I’ve found the my chosen career, photography, has provided me with a way o redirect my work and head off in an entirely new direction. I think that’s part of what attracted me to photography in the first place so many years ago: Just when you think you’ve reached the end of the line and you know all there is to know, something new comes along and turns you into a rookie all over again!


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