Cool iPhone Panorama Photo app

Was browsing the App store on my iPhone the other day and stumbled across the "Pano" app, which can be used to create wide panoramic photos on your iPhone. You can shoot up to 16 side by side pics in the app, then stitch them together to create a single, wide picture.

It's all fairly automatic: you shoot the photo, then are prompted to either retake or use the picture you've just taken. Once you decide to use a photo it is saved into memory and you are ready to take the next picture in the sequence. About a quarter of the previous photo remains in a transparent form on your iPhone screen as an aide in lining up your next shot. Once all the photos are taken you are given the option to merge all the pics together into a single panorama. Click merge and the app automatically stitches them all together, after which you can either save the image to your camera roll or share it via email.

Lots of fun and a great tool for the iPhone carrying photographer. Check it out at the app store or at the Debacle Software Web Site.


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