Zoom in on Peoria: A rough Demo of the Canon EOS 70D digital Zoom

I recently purchased a new Canon EOS 70D, and, not being a huge reader of instructions and manuals, owned it for more a couple of months before I even realized that the camera possessed a Digital Zoom function that can be used during video operation.

Being a recent contributor to several stock video sites, I set about exploring this function to see how valuable it might be in producing some stock clips.

Below is a rough video I put together to demonstrate the resolution and magnification a user might expect when using the digital zoom

Canon EOS 70D was equipped with a Canon EF 70-200 f2.8L zoom lens and mounted on a raining across the Illinois River from downtown Peoria, Illinois.

The green signs in the video can be seen just to the right of the church spires in the upper right of the still image at the top of this article. SO, as you can see, the digital zoom does give you quite a large magnification!

Unlike digital zooms on other cameras I have tried out, the
Canon70D will output the video at full 1080 resolution. Of course, being a digital zoom, the image has been "ressed-up" to create this resolution. Still I like the results and feel that they could be useful in a stock video application where the video was intended for low-res web use.

This zoom could be a useful tool when the photographer finds himself severely under-lensed when presented with an otherwise great video clip opportunity, or when he or she is forced to travel with limited gear, when there is not enough room to pack a long lens.

Anyone, for those of you who were wondering about the actual, real world results obtainable from the
Canon EOS 70D digital zoom, I offer the above video with apologies for the shakiness. Will post more, better clips soon!


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