Two Wisconsin Weekends Two Wisconsin Weekends

12 days on the road in Wisconsin to cover back-to-back racing weekends, first the IMSA Tudor Series Sports cars at Road America and then the Verizon Indy Car Series at the Milwaukee Mile yielded a ton of photo opps for any ambitious motorsports photography willing to spend a couple of weekends in cheese country.

Here are a few of my favorites from my Wisconsin take

A Porsche takes to the dirt at Canada Corner

Under the Indy Banner

Yucatan Eyes the IMSA Competition

Scott Dixon looking for 2 in a row

Quick Pit Work at Road America

Josef Newgarden makes an Indy Pit Stop

Teammates Battle for Milwaukee Win

Road America winners atop their car

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Taking the Winding Road to a Kiss of the Bricks

Since 1911 many, many drivers have kissed the bricks after winning at Indainapolis Motor Speedway. Actually, although racing began at the Brickyard over a century ago, the first victory kiss of the bricks did not happen until Dale Jarrett's spontaneous celebration after winning the NASCAR race there in 1996. The kiss caught on quickly, though, and now everyone who wins at Indy heads for the famous yard of bricks at the start/finish line to lay down a kiss.

Last Friday the duo of Joao Barbosa and Christian Fittipaldi became only the third prototype sports car drivers to Kiss the Bricks, after winning the IMSA Brickyard Grand Prix.

Their dominant run over the Indy road course and jubilant post-race celebration yielded many cool photos and here are a few of my favorites.

Welcome to Pit Road

Happy Winners


Hoist the Trophies

Ready for The Kiss


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2014 Brickyard Grand Prix, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, July 2014 - Images by Brian Cleary
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Results of the 2014 Brickyard Grand Prix
1 1 P 5 Barbosa/(Fittipaldi*) 108 -.--- 2:46:02.720 1:19.581 22 Corvette DP Running
2 2 P 01 Pruett*/Rojas/(Karam) 108 48.964 2:46:51.684 1:19.550 53 Ford EcoBoost/Riley Running
3 3 P 90 Westbrook*/(Valiante) 108 52.160 2:46:54.880 1:19.570 99 Corvette DP Running
4 4 P 10 R.Taylor/(J.Taylor*) 108 58.309 2:47:01.029 1:19.878 23 Corvette DP Running
5 5 P 1 (Sharp)/Dalziel* 108 59.595 2:47:02.315 1:18.573 ‡ 63 HPD ARX-03b Running
6 6 P 60 (Pew)/Negri Jr.* 107 1 Laps 2:46:03.692 1:20.259 81 Ford EcoBoost/Riley Running
7 7 P 2 (Brown)/van Overbeek* 107 1 Laps 2:46:15.455 1:19.365 41 HPD ARX-03b Running
8 8 P 42 (Yacaman*)/Tung 107 1 Laps 2:46:24.833 1:19.704 41 Nissan Morgan Running
9 1 PC 08 (Cumming)/Hawksworth* 107 1 Laps 2:47:04.798 1:21.087 ‡ 79 ORECA FLM09 Running
10 2 PC 09 (Ende)/Junqueira* 107 1 Laps 2:47:06.220 1:21.100 74 ORECA FLM09 Running
11 3 PC 54 (Bennett)/Braun* 107 1 Laps 2:47:11.410 1:21.441 75 ORECA FLM09 Running
12 4 PC 38 Ostella*/(French) 107 1 Laps 2:47:17.801 1:21.184 65 ORECA FLM09 Running
13 9 P 07 Joel.Miller/(Nunez*) 106 2 Laps 2:46:50.656 1:21.846 45 Mazda Prototype Running
14 1 GTLM 93 Bomarito*/(Wittmer) 105 3 Laps 2:46:14.196 1:23.292 49 Dodge Viper SRT Running
15 10 P 70 (Tremblay*)/T.Long 105 3 Laps 2:46:15.238 1:22.596 70 Mazda Prototype Running
16 2 GTLM 62 (Fisichella*)/Kaffer 105 3 Laps 2:46:24.985 1:23.248 ‡ 63 Ferrari F458 Italia Running
17 3 GTLM 912 P.Long/(Christensen*) 105 3 Laps 2:46:25.333 1:23.987 91 Porsche 911 RSR Running
18 4 GTLM 3 (Magnussen)/Garcia* 105 3 Laps 2:46:32.662 1:23.760 70 Chevrolet Corvette C7.R Running
19 5 GTLM 4 Gavin/(Milner*) 105 3 Laps 2:46:35.044 1:23.337 70 Chevrolet Corvette C7.R Running
20 6 GTLM 55 Auberlen*/(Priaulx) 105 3 Laps 2:46:47.471 1:23.790 10 BMW Z4 GTE Running
21 7 GTLM 56 Müller/(J.Edwards*) 105 3 Laps 2:46:50.404 1:23.744 10 BMW Z4 GTE Running
22 5 PC 52 (Montecalvo)/Jeannette* 105 3 Laps 2:47:21.647 1:21.608 45 ORECA FLM09 Running
23 6 PC 25 (Diaz*)/Rayhall 104 4 Laps 2:47:05.565 1:21.101 52 ORECA FLM09 Running
24 8 GTLM 91 (D.Farnbacher)/Goossens* 103 5 Laps 2:46:07.679 1:23.636 61 Dodge Viper SRT Running
25 1 GTD 63 Balzan*/(Westphal) 102 6 Laps 2:47:26.564 1:27.050 65 Ferrari 458 Italia Running
26 2 GTD 48 Haase*/(B.Miller) 101 7 Laps 2:46:03.897 1:26.846 ‡ 71 Audi R8 LMS Running
27 3 GTD 33 J.Bleekemolen*/(Keating) 101 7 Laps 2:46:10.669 1:27.018 86 Dodge Viper SRT Running
28 9 GTLM 17 Henzler/(Sellers*) 101 7 Laps 2:46:10.898 1:23.659 71 Porsche 911 RSR Running
29 4 GTD 555 (Sweedler)/To.Bell* 101 7 Laps 2:46:12.131 1:27.096 74 Ferrari 458 Italia Running
30 5 GTD 22 (MacNeil)/Keen* 101 7 Laps 2:46:24.414 1:27.280 38 Porsche 911 GT America Running
31 6 GTD 23 (James)/M.Farnbacher* 101 7 Laps 2:46:24.850 1:26.907 64 Porsche 911 GT America Running
32 7 GTD 007 (Carter)/Davison* 101 7 Laps 2:46:31.061 1:26.891 82 Aston Martin V12 Vantage Running
33 8 GTD 45 (Canache Jr.)/Pumpelly* 101 7 Laps 2:46:41.515 1:27.062 39 Audi R8 LMS Running
34 9 GTD 27 (Dempsey)/A.Davis* 101 7 Laps 2:46:48.450 1:27.414 45 Porsche 911 GT America Running
35 10 GTD 73 (Lindsey)/Skeen* 101 7 Laps 2:46:51.897 1:27.656 56 Porsche 911 GT America Running
36 11 GTD 58 (Snow)/Heylen* 101 7 Laps 2:46:52.734 1:27.203 70 Porsche 911 GT America Running
37 12 GTD 44 (Potter)/Lally* 101 7 Laps 2:47:06.449 1:27.664 41 Porsche 911 GT America Running
38 13 GTD 35 Neiman/von Moltke*/(Pumpelly) 98 10 Laps 2:46:54.338 1:27.105 95 Audi R8 LMS Running is the online home for the photographic archive of Florida-based photographer Brian Cleary. At this portal not only can you search and browse an ever-growing collection of photography covering more than 30 years, but many of the images are available for online purchase as editorial images, commercial images and/or personal use prints.

Back to Sebring

It’s been many , many years since I’ve covered the 12 Hours of Sebring, and seems like very little has changed in the years I’ve been away. The facility dates back to the early 1950’s and offers little in the way of modern conveniences and technology. But Sebring is not a venue that relies on these things. The ruggedness of the old airport road course and the toughness of the race itself are the foundation upon which the event was built and has endured. The fans of the 12 Hours of Sebring are among the most devoted in all of motorsports! The starkness of the race track and the surrounding area belie the richness of the photographic opportunities that lie within. Sebring is a race that rewards a hard working photographer with many great images but at the same time leaves him or her with the feeling that he’s left a lot on the table and forces him to immediately begin to look forward to next year. Here are a few of my favorites from the my coverage of the 2014 event:

A Porsche goes off-road during practice
Lots to see in pre-race

The pole-sitting Corvette DP on the grid

The green flag starts the race
An early caution as a Viper expires on track

Red Dust Racing

Pole-sitter pits at sunset
DeltaWing under Setting Sun
Classic Sebring Sunset

The winners celebrate with champagne

For more images of my 2014 Sebring experience visit my 2014 Sebring gallery on and, of course, be sure to check back next year!

Results of the 2014 12 Hours of Sebring

Pos Cl Drivers Team/Car Time/Gap
1. P Pruett/Rojas/Franchitti Ganassi Riley-Ford 12h00m09.985s
2. P Sharp/Dalziel/Brabham Extreme Speed HPD +4.682s
3. P Barbosa/Fittipaldi/Bourdais Action Express Corvette DP +8.965s
4. P Pla/Brundle/Yacaman OAK Morgan-Nissan +11.994s
5. P Brown/van Overbeek/Pagenaud Extreme Speed HPD +17.027s
6. P Dixon/Kanaan/Karam Ganassi Riley-Ford +17.837s
7. P Angelelli/Taylor/Taylor Taylor Corvette DP +34.229s
8. P Frisselle/Frisselle/Fogarty Action Express Corvette DP +39.559s
9. P Pew/Negri/Wilson Shank Riley-Ford +40.568s
10. PC Bennett/Braun/Gue CORE FLM +3 laps
11. PC Ende/Junqueira/Heinemeier Hansson RSR FLM +3 laps
12. GTLM Long/Christensen/Bergmeister CORE Porsche +5 laps
13. GTLM Bell/Bomarito/Wittmer SRT Viper +5 laps
14. GTLM Auberlen/Priaulx/Hand RLL BMW +5 laps
15. GTLM Krohn/Jonsson/Bertolini Krohn Ferrari +5 laps
16. GTLM Henzler/Sellers/Holzer Falken Porsche +6 laps
17. GTLM Gavin/Milner/Liddell Corvette +6 laps
18. GTLM Farnbacher/Goossens/Hunter-Reay SRT Viper +7 laps
19. GTLM Magnussen/Garcia/Briscoe Corvette +8 laps
20. GTLM Tandy/Lietz/Pilet CORE Porsche +9 laps
21. PC van der Zande/Bird/Fuentes/Cheng Starworks FLM +10 laps
22. PC Miller/Kraut/Simpson JDC/Miller FLM +11 laps
23. GTD Potter/Lally/Seefried Magnus Porsche +13 laps
24. GTD Sweedler/Bell/Mediani/Segal AIM Ferrari +13 laps
25. GTD James/Farnbacher/Riberas Alex Job Porsche +13 laps
26. GTD MacNeil/Keen/Frommenwiler Alex Job Porsche +13 laps
27. GTD Neiman/von Moltke/Albuquerque Flying Lizard Audi +13 laps
28. GTD Mies/Putman/Espenlaub Fall-Line Audi +13 laps
29. P Westbrook/Valiante/Rockenfeller Spirit Corvette DP +13 laps
30. P Tremblay/Long/Devlin SpeedSource Mazda +13 laps
31. GTLM Muller/Edwards/Werner RLL BMW +14 laps
32. GTD Cameron/Dalla Lana/Palttala/Lewis Turner BMW +14 laps
33. GTD Canache/Pumpelly/Latif/Winkelhock Flying Lizard Audi +15 laps
34. GTD Plumb/Snow/Heylen/Plumb Rum Bum Porsche +18 laps
35. GTD Faulkner/Faieta/Avenatti GB Porsche +19 laps
36. GTD Sofronas/Welch/Basseng GMG Audi +20 laps
37. PC Kimber-Smith/Marsal/Lux/Rayhall 8Star FLM +20 laps
38. GTD Miller/Haase/Bell Miller Audi +21 laps
39. GTD Griffin/Cioci/Rugolo/Gerber Spirit of Race Ferrari +21 laps
40. GTD Roda/Ruberti/Venturi Spirit of Race Ferrari +28 laps
41. P Curran/Said/Cosmo Marsh Corvette DP +42 laps*
42. GTD Dempsey/Davis/Foster/Siedler Dempsey Porsche +47 laps
43. GTD Davis/Riddle/Wilson TRG Aston Martin +49 laps
44. GTD Lindsey/Vess/Estre/Norman Park Place Porsche +56 laps
45. GTD Case/Marcelli/Balzan/Westphal Corsa Ferrari +57 laps*
46. PC Bielefield/Ducote/Plowman/Drissi BAR1 FLM +63 laps
47. GTD Block/Carter/Davison TRG Aston Martin +76 laps

* Not running at finish

P Graf/Luhr/Mardenborough Pickett ORECA-Nissan 204 laps
P Pace/DeFoor/Hinton Highway Riley-Dinan 200 laps
P Meyrick/Legge/Chaves DeltaWing 185 laps
GTD Bamber/Gimple/Melgrati Muhlner Porsche 154 laps*
PC Cumming/Tagliani/Mitchell RSR FLM 125 laps
GTD Engelhart/Ineichen/Konrad Dempsey Porsche 113 laps
PC Kearby/Hamilton/Kasemets BAR1 FLM 112 laps
P Miller/Nunez/Vautier SpeedSource Mazda 104 laps
PC Guasch/Montecalvo/Jeannette PR1/Mathiasen FLM 89 laps
PC Shears/Matos/Ostella Performance Tech FLM 88 laps
GTLM Bruni/Malucelli/Fisichella Risi Ferrari 62 laps
GTD Cisneros/Nielsen/Giermaziak NGT Porsche 61 laps
GTD Lindsey/Vess/Estre/Norman Park Place Porsche 34 laps
P Mayer/Kaffer/Saavedra/Popow Starworks Riley-Honda 26 laps
GTD Bleekemolen/Bleekemolen/Keating Riley SRT Viper 13 laps
GTD Bamber/Verdonck Muhlner Porsche 0 laps

* Running again at finish

### About Privacy Policy is the online home for the photographic archive of Florida-based photographer Brian Cleary. At this portal not only can you search and browse an ever-growing collection of photography covering more than 30 years, but many of the images are available for online purchase as editorial images, commercial images and/or personal use prints.

Testing . . .testing . . .

A pack of primer painted NASCAR racers at Winter testing, Daytona, January 2008. Photo by Brian Cleary
For the working freelancer who covers big-time motorsports for a living, the off-season is not much of a vacation. You'd think that the time between the final checkered flag of the fall and the first green flag of the new season would be a time a sitting around the house watching TV with the kids and catching up on domestic chores. More and more, this is not the case.

First of all there's annual tour of the awards banquets. In 2007 I covered the following banquets: Grand American Road Racing Rolex Series (Las Vegas, September), Grand American Koni Challenge Series (Las Vegas, November) NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series (Hollywood, FL, November), NASCAR Busch Series (Orlando, December) and NASCAR Nextel Cup Series (New York City, December). So, after all of that, after my tuxedo was hung up for the winter and I gave up my standing spot in the long term parking lot at the airport in anticipation of a leisurely off-season, here came the annual parade of primer painted race cars into town for the ritual of winter testing.

Fortunately, this testing all takes place in Daytona Beach, where I live, so the assignments aren't as grueling as the year-long grind of chasing the racers from track to track. Still, as many race fans know, the drivers don't really look forward to these test session, which involve endless laps around the track punctuated by periods of standing around as crewmen work on the race cars, with very little excitement involved. It's not much better for the media and photographers, as the cars aren't painted, the driver's uniforms aren't updated for the new year, and the photos are of little use to anyone, other than just documentation of the test sessions for the track and teams.

First, in December, the prototype and GT sports cars of the Grand American Road Racing Series rolled into town for the first of their 2 test sessions. I work as the series photographer for Grand Am, so I'm required to be there. It's a fun assignment and a chance to see my friends in the series in a less stressful setting than the usual race weekend. It's also a chance to see the new teams and cars in their first warmup for the season opening Rolex 24 at Daytona, which runs in late January.

The ARCA cars roll into Daytona for their annual pre-Christmas test, followed by a few actual days off for Christmas and New Years.

On January 4 of this year, the Grand Am cars returned to Daytona for their final test before the Rolex, now just 3 weeks away.

After that there is a string of NASCAR tests, each 3 days long: The first group of NASCAR Sprint Cup cars goes first, then comes the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series followed by the second group of Sprint Cup cars(the above photo shows the cars of Scott Riggs, 66, Michael Waltrip, 55, and Sam Hornish, 77 in action at this test session) and finally the NASCAR Nationwide Series. As that session ends, I'll finally settle to the couch to really get into the off-season and then I'll realize that the Grand Am cars are just 3 days away from rolling into town for the following weekend's Rolex 24 Hour race. Oh well, here we go again. Maybe I'll have time to catch my breath next December!


About Privacy Policy is the online home for the photographic archive of Florida-based photographer Brian Cleary. At this portal not only can you search and browse an ever-growing collection of photography covering more than 30 years, but many of the images are available for online purchase as editorial images, commercial images and/or personal use prints.