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The revolution continues: What happened to still photography is happening to video. Just as technology supplied hi-end, hi-quality still cameras at affordable prices to anyone who wanted one over the past several years, all of us would-be videographers are now able to afford hi-quality, hi-def video equipment. And, it follows, just as photo buyers descended on the huge supply of photography that resulted, we are now faced with a glut of video producers who are more than happy to see a larger supply of hi-def video clips drive the prices of the stock video market down.

Having lived through it on the still photo side, and watching as technology created more hi-quality video equipment at lower prices, I could see this coming, and it’s not all that bad.

The same technology that delivered the better, cheaper equipment and created the declining prices, has also supplied us with an incredible tool to get more of our photos and videos in front of millions of viewers and potential buyers: the internet.

So as I continue to push my photo archive out on the internet and as I step off in a new direction, the world of video, I’m siding with the school of thought that says that falling prices can be offset by increasing sales volume, which would be a product of the millions of internet users I theoretically have access too.

Now, just as in the past, it’s simply a matter of rolling up your sleeves and working harder to position yourself favorably in today’s changing marketplace.


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